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Green Asia Corporation (PJS)

Having offices in Georgia, Armenia and Iran, GAC is professionally involved in Agro-Business activities around the world. The main products are Agricultural products including but not limited to: Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Grains & Pulses, Animal Feed, ...



Green Asia Productions

As the fresh division of GAC, Green Asia Productions covers wide range of fresh products which is grown, sorted and packed under strict quality supervisions. GAP is committed to consistently providing safe, high-quality fresh fruits & vegetables to its customers around the globe. 



Royal Group

Based in Yerevan, beautiful capital of Armenia, Royal Group is a Joint Venture General Trading Company aims to link European Quality Products to Middle Eastern pristine markets. Empowered by experienced Market Analysts and benefited from proficient Marketing Networks, Royal Group provides appropriate practical response to its clients in both Europe and Middle-East.

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