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Social Responsibility

Clear commitment to society and the environment is a fundamental concept in the Green Asia Corporation. Health, safety, and environment (HSE) management has always been a major concern for GAC in all aspects of Business. The importance of maintaining a healthy workplace for human resources in general and the importance of environmental protection in particular are key factors for Green Asia Corporation toward a sustainable growth.

With the aim of promoting the corporate perspective toward environment and achieving high standards in this field, the Green Asia Corporation has sought practical local knowledge as well as international highest standards & certificates. Green Asia Corporation's Social responsibility is a commitment to:

The funding of social welfare for the majority of society;

Moral standards;

Humanity and human values;

Environmental protection;

Non-discrimination in employment;

The needs of employees.

In addition, as a part of our responsibility toward our global society, GAC has dedicated a major part of its efforts to protect, support and  improve the Children's welfare in Middle-East region by providing health, nourishment and education aids through international organizations like UNICEF,  Red Cross, Red Crescent, ...