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Fruit & Vegetables:

 - Kiwi Fruit

- Red Apple

- Golden Apple

- Iceberg Lettuce

- Tomamto

- Golden Onion

- Cucumber

- Celery

- Red Onion

- Potato

- Okra (Lady finger)

- White Onion

- Capsicum (Bell pepper)

- Cauliflower

- White Cabbage

- Red Cabbage

- Red Raddish

- Garlic

- Parsley

- Dill

- Coriander

- Basil

- Cherry Tomato

- Squash

... and wide range of other fruits and vegetable.


Feel free to contact us for more details & price-list.


Apple to India

In terms of quality, Iranian Red delicious Apple is among the best of the world. High quality along-side with competitive price, made GAC one of the most well-known exporters of Iranian apple in Indian market. Very strict supervision from picking to packing of apple has been led to a unique produce which demonstrate the importance of Quality in GAC's approach.




Iceberg Lettuce to Magnit Chain stores, Russia

As an official supplier of MAGNIT chain stores, the largest Russian retailer, GAC meets highest requested standards of Quality & Packing which is a new milestone obtained by GAC's hard-working Crew & Managers.



Kiwi to India

GAC exports high quality kiwi fruit to different destinations in India. Our business partners in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai found a potential market for Iranian Kiwi fruit in India. Shipments are sending both by Air and Sea. Packaging is in 3 kg, 6.5 kg and 10 kg crates in trays. Please feel free to contact for more information.





Iceberg Lettuce to McDonald's

Supply Iceberg Lettuce to McDonald's

Highest quality of Iceberg Lettuce is supplying to McDonald's of Georgia on regular weekly basis. Standard packaging for Iceberg is 7 kg plastic basket, each lettuce in nylon bag with label.